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    -Due to the various dive sites that are surrounding this place, it became well known and visited by many divers around the world. The place has a total wonder as you give a dive to it, lots of beautiful sea creatures can be spotted on its pleasant underwater site. It will surely be your pleasure to see a place like this that you can appreciate by offering you an overwhelming feeling.

  • Anchor Bommies – Lady Elliot Island

    Anchor Bommies – Lady Elliot Island

    Along the deep blue seas of Queensland, you will find one of the most beautiful and wonderful dive sites in Australia. The world’s famous Lady Elliot Island is the home of premium dive sites that are frequently visited by all types of divers.

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  • Arlington Reef

    Arlington Reef

    Queensland is the home of some diving spots in Australia that are ought to be famous and discovered for their amazing marine life. Arlington Reef is considered to be one of them. It is a paradise yet to be discovered. Only some people were lucky to visit this amazing dive site and some relevant and basic diving data are not yet known.

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  • Around The Bend

    Around The Bend

    When it comes to the diving wonders in Australia, Around the Bend is indeed one of the best. The experience is surely one of a kind and the diving spot will definitely be enjoyed.

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  • Barracuda Bommie

    Barracuda Bommie

    Situated in Australia, Barracuda Bommie is one of the best diving sites in the country. You can find a deep pinnacle that can be found in the middle of the ocean protected by horizontal reef.

    Learn more about Barracuda Bommie

  • Barracuda Pass

    Barracuda Pass

    If you want to enjoy the waters of port Douglas, Barracuda Pass is the place to be. It can be considered as one of known areas in Australia. However, it will be better if the whole world can experience the beauty of this diving spot.

    Learn more about Barracuda Pass

  • Castle Rock

    Castle Rock

    Another great diving spot in Victoria Australia is Castle Rock. It can be found in the oceans of Point Lonsdale. The maximum depth is 19 meters which is definitely perfect for immediate and advanced divers. The Average depth on the other hand is 18 meters.

    Learn more about Castle Rock

  • Cucumber Alley

    Cucumber Alley

    Cucumber Alley is another Australian diving pride. It is also called the Pellowe Reef at times. It is described to have a small and isolated reef situated on the continental shelf. The maximum depth of the dive site is about 30 meters and provides a perfect swim through and wall dive. You will absolutely love the dive spot though it is not commonly known to public.

    Learn more about Cucumber Alley

  • Evening Reef

    Evening Reef

    Reef diving is one of the most common type of diving in Australia. That is definitely because of the wonderful Diving spots that can be found all over the country.

    Learn more about Evening Reef

  • Little Tracy

    Little Tracy

    When you come to experience the amazing diving experience in Australia, you should make sure that you will not forget to put Little Tracy on your list. This rock type diving site may not be that popular but the diving experience can be really intense. Intermediate divers are welcome to dive almost any time of the year.

    Learn more about Little Tracy

  • Martin’s Mecca – Mantis Reef

    Martin’s Mecca – Mantis Reef

    If you want to go reef diving in Australia, Martin’s Mecca or Mantis Reef is one of the best place to go to. Intermediate divers can definitely enjoy everything their diving experience on this diving site.

    Learn more about Martin’s Mecca – Mantis Reef

  • Nursery Bommie

    Nursery Bommie

    When t comes to dive sites in Australia, Nursery Bommie is one of the best place to be. The dive site is described by having pinnacles of 16 up to 25 meters deep. It is also considered to be one of the most famous dive sites in the Agincourt Reef system. Photographers will surely love the underwater scenes and creatures that can be seen here.

    Learn more about Nursery Bommie

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