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  • Anchor Bommies – Lady Elliot Island

    Along the deep blue seas of Queensland, you will find one of the most beautiful and wonderful dive sites in Australia. The world’s famous Lady Elliot Island is the home of premium dive sites that are frequently visited by all types of divers.

    There are 2 ways to reach the Anchor Bommies. If you want the easier way, you can take a small boat to go there but if you want a more exciting adventure, you can swim through and follow the rope trails to reach the Coral Gardens. This dive site is 15 to 21 meters deep and its top is about 14 to 15 meters.

    Anchor Bommies has an abundant marine life. You can see different types of sea creatures swimming around and enjoying the perfect water temperature. Big dvhools of different kinds of fishes can be seen swimming around. If you want a perfect scene to catch on your video camera, stay close and wait for some butterfly cods that may pass by. Aside from these creatures, you can also catch some manta rays, scorpion fish, and shovel nosed rays. To add more colors to your marine life, you will extremely love the lively and colorful corals under the deep blue ocean.

    Divers should make sure that they will not miss this amazing diving site. It is indeed one of Australia’s diving prides.

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