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    When it comes to the diving wonders in Australia, Around the Bend is indeed one of the best. The experience is surely one of a kind and the diving spot will definitely be enjoyed. To go to the island, there are two main options. It’s either you explore the lagoon area, where you will see the beauty of the nature, or explore the life under the sea, where you can adore the great marine life. Either way, you will surely enjoy the experience and the scene that you will have in this island.

    The depth of the sea is about 15 meters which is perfect for divers. In some occasions, you might be wiped away by a strong current and land into a beautiful coral garden, you can see different types of corals in all sizes and colors. Aside from that, you can also see huge manta rays roaming around. There are also some large boulder coral that is filled with Christmas Tree worms. Inside, you will be amazed with its different colors of sea creatures. You can find some butterfly fishes in different colors and sizes.

    Around the bend is around 5 meters to 39 meters deep. The visible area is within 15 to 30 meters. Though the current may be strong at times, normal current is observed during the best diving peeks. The surface condition can be a bit choppy and the water temperature is still within the normal range with 25 to 30 Celsius. Intermediate to Advanced divers can enjoy the waters of Around the Bend. The best thing about this place is that you can dive anytime you want. But you have to be sure that the weather is favorable before you go diving.

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