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    When t comes to dive sites in Australia, Nursery Bommie is one of the best place to be. The dive site is described by having pinnacles of 16 up to 25 meters deep. It is also considered to be one of the most famous dive sites in the Agincourt Reef system. Photographers will surely love the underwater scenes and creatures that can be seen here.

    If you want to go photo diving, deep diving, and of course, in identifying sea life, Nursery Bommie should be included on your diving spot list. The maximum depth is about 25 meters and the visibility ranges between 10 to 50 meters. Advanced divers can go diving with their complete wet suit on.

    Water temperature is still within the normal range. The coldest temperature of the sea water is 19 Celsius while 25 is the warmest. This is the reason why different sea creatures are living on this dive site. Aside from the barracudas that are common on Australian dive sites, you can also different types and colors of fishes. Lobsters, shrimps, turtles, and other creatures can also be seen swimming around. The best and the highlight of Nursery Bommie is the colorful and hard corals that are found underneath the sea surface.

    Whitetip and black tip sharks can also be seen passing by. Photo lovers would definitely love to take pictures with sea creatures like clown fish, surgeon fish, anemones, morays, and different sizes of starfishes.

    The best thing about the Australian dive sites is that most of them like Nursery Bommies can be visited anytime.

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